[B1F1] YB03 JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest With Golden Cliff Honey Set


  • JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Golden Cliff Honey 6x85ml
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✅ Double youthful complexion
✅ Nourishes lungs
✅ Reduces wrinkles
✅ Boosts immunity

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JNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Golden Cliff Honey is made from golden edible bird’s nest from Gomantong Cave, Sabah,
one of the best-managed and most well-known edible bird’s nest cave.
Due to the natural environmental and climatic conditions in the cave, the bird’s nest produced is among the best quality with high level of nutrient content.
It is rich in minerals, collagen, sialic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF), which helps to enhance your skin’s youthful glow and balanced complexion.
Combined with the Golden Cliff Honey from Himalaya, this perfect formulation gives a unique aroma, silky smooth texture and helps to:
✅strengthen body immunity
✅nourish lungs
✅smoothen the skin
✅restore youth-looking skin
It is easy to carry and drink at any time.
Suitable for all age groups, it is the perfect choice for you to unveil your youthful glowing skin.


Rock sugar solution, Cave Bird’s Nest, Marine Collagen.


  • Maintain plump, youthful skin with good elasticity.
  • Strengthen body immunity
  • Nourish lungs
  • Smoothen the skin
  • Restore youth-looking skin


Suitable for pregnant women, women who love beauty, people who want to improve their resistance, children who cough for a long time.


Consume one bottle daily, It is recommended to drink with an empty stomach in the morning or before bed.


Keep refrigerated once opened. Recommend to consume within 3 weeks. Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid sunlight.


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