[2nd @ 50% off] JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine 700ml


  • Combination of Chinese and Western ingredients Chardonnay and fresh Bentong ginger
  • Does not contain rice wine, will not get heaty
  • Smooth texture, mid-fruity smell
  • No pungent taste, non heaty
  • A small cup a day to relieve various health problems, suitable for daily consumption

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JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine is made from Bentong ginger and Chardonnay white wine. Bentong ginger is high in 6 gingerol, which has anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.
JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine’s gingerol content is higher than other gingers and has a strong effect of dispelling cold and invigorating qi.
JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine can help maintain heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes, and reduce the risk of stroke. JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine is one of the best remedies for those who are facing problems such as knee and joint pain, poor blood circulation, gastrointestinal bloating, etc.
JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine uses a combination of Chinese and Western ingredients – Chardonnay and fresh Bentong ginger, it does not contain rice wine, and will not get heaty.
JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine helps to reduce knee and joint pain, relieve cold hands and feet, expel coldness from the body, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, tonifying blood, and relieves gastrointestinal bloating
Suitable for:
JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine is suitable for office workers who suffer from tiredness, women in confinement periods, and the elderly.


White grape wine and Bentong ginger.


Adults drink 1-2 times a day, 30ml each time, and drink before or after the meal (measuring cup provided). You may pour JYNNS Chardonnay Ginger Wine into your meal to enhance the flavor of your meals.


  • Office workers who suffer from tiredness
  • Women in confinement period
  • Elderly


  • It is recommended to start consuming 7-10 days after giving birth
  • Ginger wine could affect wound healing for those who went through a Caesarean section
  • The daily amount of drinking is about 50ml. Excessive consumption can easily lead to jaundice in the baby
  • Consume after breastfeeding. Leave a space of 2-4 hours after drinking before breastfeeding


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