[COMBO 1+1] JYNNS Genki PLUS Combo A


JYNNS Genki Essence of Black-Boned Chicken (70mlx6)

  • Veterinary Health Mark (VHM), GMP & HALAL certified whole chicken
  • Double-boiled extraction technology
  • No growth hormone
  • No artificial colors & flavors
  • No fat, no trans fat & no cholesterol
  • No caramel

JYNNS Ginseng Revitalizing Liquor 700ml

  • Concentrated ginseng extract, each cup (30ml) contains 1800mg of ginseng essence
  • Made from 1+9 selected medicinal herbs
  • 12% alcohol content
  • Warming but not stimulating
  • No cooking required
  • Taste luscious
  • Convenient to consume

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JYNNS GENKI Essence of Chicken is made from fresh whole chicken using double-boiled extraction technology. The extracted essence is packed full of nutrients from the chicken that include protein, amino acids, iron, and calcium.
The protein content in JYNNS GENKI Essence of Chicken is higher than regular chicken essence on the market, besides, the carnosine and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) content are also higher than the average chicken essence on the market.


JYNNS Ginseng Revitalizing Liquor is a pure, natural herbal prescription that combines ginseng as the main ingredient and a total of ten precious Chinese herbs with modern medical technology to create an essential tonic wine for men.
The 12% alcohol concentration allows the active ingredients of the medicinal materials to act more efficiently. Wild ginseng replenishes vitality, tonifies the blood, relieves fatigue, helps soothe the nerves, etc.