[JYNNS Parents’ Day Gift Set] K07 Happiness Bag – FREE Flower Bouquet


  • JYNNS Waist Tonic Bai Shu Plus 375ml x 1
  • JYNNS Genki Essence of Black-Boned Chicken 70ml x 6
  • Lo Hong Ka Cordyceps Essence with Goji 70ml x 6
  • FREE Flower Bouquet (random design)  x 1

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Buy now and get an extra FREE rose bouquet worth RM168 (random style)

[Happiness Bag] contains: ✅ JYNNS Genki Essence of Black-Boned Chicken x 6 bottles Each bottle is equivalent to 3 times the golden ratio of concentrated chicken soup ✅ JYNNS Waist Tonic Bai Shu Plus 375ml/bottle It is made of 11 precious medicinal ingredients, including natural Chinese medicinal materials, such as Atractylodes macrocephala, ginseng, cordyceps sinensis, angelica, etc. ✅ Lo Hong Ka Cordyceps Essence with Goji x 6 bottles One bottle per day helps to enhance liver detoxification ability, promote liver blood circulation, promote liver cell repair, and improve the immune system JYNNS Canvas Tote Bag ✅ Lightweight and portable, large capacity ✅ Durable ✅ Comfortable handle with soft touch