[B1F2] YB02 JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest – CNY Limited Edition Gift Box Set


  • JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Golden Cliff Honey 3x85ml
  • JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Marine Collagen 3x85ml
  • FREE JYNNS Crown Supreme An Kang hao Bird’s Nest Beverage Set 3x150ml x2boxes
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JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest is harvested from Gomantong Cave, Sabah, one of the best-managed and most well-known edible bird’s nest cave.
Combined with the Golden Cliff Honey from Himalaya, this perfect formulation gives a unique aroma, silky smooth texture and helps to:
✅strengthen body immunity
✅nourish lungs
✅smoothen the skin
✅restore youth-looking skin
Combined with marine collagen, the perfect formulation which is rich in amino acids and highly absorbable collagen molecules, helps to:
✅Enhance Skin’s Youthful Glow
✅Ultra-Firming Repair
✅Promote Skin Moisturizing Effect
✅Anti-Aging Effects